What A Real Mom Hates To See In A Babysitter’s Profile

babysitter-profileMoms are moms. They’re cute, endearing, and very real. Of course, there are those moms who try to exude their perfect life. If you had a half a brain, you’d know they’re all for show.

This mom is real. She goes by the name of Christina Antus and she’s one funny writer. The article she posted on this website can pretty much speak for all the crazy moms out there.

In her article, she lists down all the stuff she doesn’t want to see in a babysitter’s profile. To start off her list, she just freaks out when the babysitter claims to love baking and crafts. When in reality, all she gets in return are sticky Play-Doh and stickers posted all over her house and her baby’s face and hair.

As she goes on with her list, she gets totally irritated when the babysitter claims to love the outdoors and promises to cook healthy meals for the kids. She definitely doesn’t fall for any those promises.

She gets even funnier as the babysitter claims to love kids. To that she says it easy to love kids when it’s only you’re only with them for 4 to 9 hours a day. She just goes on with her thoughts on the claims and promises she reads on a babysitter’s profile. if you’re a mom like her, you can pretty much relate to her humor and wit.

Enough of The Promises

Real moms, like Christina, have had enough of promises. The last thing they need to see in a babysitter’s profiles are empty promises.

No one can ever fool a mom. Moms, like you, can see right through all the empty promises.

That’s the reason why moms nowadays prefer to go online to hire a babysitter. They sign up with online childcare service providers so that they deal with experienced babysitters.

As a mom, you hate wasting time. Your time is too precious to waste on someone who’s just pulling your leg. You want to get straight to the point. So when you’re hiring a babysitter, you just don’t want t deal with people whom you know have nothing to offer.

If you look for a babysitter online, you can be spared from wasting a lot of your time. By posting a job online, you can go straight to the point by including all the details you are looking for in a babysitter.

A good example of one online childcare service that encourages parents to include all the specific details in their job post is Sittercity. When you post a job on Sittercity, you are encouraged to include all the details of the job. Every little thing that a babysitter should know and do should be included in the job post.

This is the best way to get with the kind of babysitter you are looking for. At the same time, it’s also the best way to avoid dealing with others whom you’re just not interested in.

Of course, there will always be babysitters who will promise heaven and earth. You’ll get enough of that online as well.

However, real moms deal with that by reading all the reviews. This is why real moms opt to hire a babysitter from web-based childcare service provider like Sittercity. They can easily check on the babysitters by reading the reviews and running background checks.

These are just a couple of ways real moms deal with all the promises of a babysitter.

Real Moms Appreciate Real Babysitters

Real moms appreciate real babysitters. Real babysitters have the expertise to back them up. They’re not just a bunch of women looking to earn a couple of bucks.

These are folks who love what they do. They have undergone training and certification to be reliable caregiver to your kids. Real babysitters are equipped with the right tools to be able to watch and to protect your kids. Suffice it to say, they are not the tweeners who claim to love kids.

You can only find the real babysitters online. They’re the ones who sign up with likes of Sittercity. They, themselves, want to connect to parents who are serious about finding the right childcare.

Real Babysitters don’t make empty promises. With their expertise and background, they are expected to deliver. They don’t need to advertise their claims because their experience speaks for itself.

As a real mom, you just need to keep on collaborating with the babysitter so that your kids will be more comfortable in the process. Real moms don’t leave everything to the babysitter and a real babysitter knows that as well.

A real babysitter will give regular updates and feedback. She will work with you so that everything is transparent. This is the one trait that a real babysitter will never advertise in her profile because it’s a given.

The profile of a babysitter is not enough to gauge the expertise of an applicant. A real mom looks beyond the profile to see if the applicant is a real babysitter.


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