Terms of Service

Hello and welcome to my world. I am proud to be a full time mom and a part time babysitter. I must say that I hardly have the time to get bored. Yes, my hands are full. Once my kids are off to school, I am busy babysitting other kids. The best thing about it is that I really enjoy doing it.

Obviously, I love babysitting. I love it so much that I am actually blogging about it. I am just so eager to share with you all my thoughts and insights on babysitting, Of course, you will also be hearing a lot of my babysitting experiences here on my humble website.

Now before you sit back and enjoy my website, there are a couple of things that I want to make clear to you. First and foremost, my website, pr114job.com, is governed by these terms of service that you should strictly comply with.

Harassment Not Allowed Here

You are always welcome here. I value each and every visit of yours and I expect that you value my website in return as well.

Bu doing so, you will not use my website as a venue to harass anyone or any company for that matter. Any kind of harassment is not tolerated here. If you have anything bad to say about anyone or any company, you are to take it somewhere else.

Pr114job.com is not the right venue to badmouth anyone or any company. You are always welcome to share your thoughts here on my website but you need to make sure that they will not, in any way, hurt or offend anybody or any company. Any form of harassment will be dealt with accordingly.

Act Accordingly

As a valued visitor, you are to act accordingly. I trust that each time you visit my website, you are appreciating my thoughts and insights on babysitting. You don’t have to agree to each and everything I say and I will welcome opposing opinions as long as you act accordingly and you don’t use any kind of profanities and vulgarities to share your thoughts here.

Furthermore, you are not to share any kind of spam links here on my website. As a valued visitor acting accordingly, that is not expected of you at all.

Stick To The Topic

There’s only one topic I will discuss here and that is babysitting. I expect that you stick to the topic as well. I would love to hear from you so long as what you have to say is related to babysitting. You are always welcome to share all your thoughts and ideas as long as you stick to the topic all the time. It’s a lot easier that way.

Practice Prudence When Sharing

I put a lot of time and effort in writing my articles. So please, practice prudence when sharing them with other people and other websites.

It’s but fair that you acknowledge me or my website each time you share any of my articles posted here on my website. That’s just about the right way to do it.

You are required to comply with my website’s terms of service. Failure to do so will compel me to take legal actions. Let’s not go that far.

So please, stay updated all the time by making sure to read these terms of service regularly. All updates will only be posted here. I will not be sending you emails regarding changes and updates. Thanks again. You can now explore the wonderful world of babysitting. Enjoy your visit.