Privacy Policy

The manner in which personal information is collected, used, and protected here on my site,, is stated on this Privacy Policy. For your knowledge and protection, please take some time to go over it.

Information Collected Onsite

There are only three kinds of personal information collected onsite. These are your name, email address, and IP address. You are aware that your name and email address are collected each time you post a comment here on my website and/or contact me.

For your information, your IP address is collected each time you visit my site. Your IP address represents you and shows me where you are located and what internet service provider you are using.

How Your Personal Information Is Used And Protected

Your name, email, and IP address are all used to improve my website. I do not share your personal information with anybody. Furthermore, I do not sell them. I keep them for my own private use. Your personal information will never be sold and shared.

I am also able to see what kind of operating system and device you are using. Furthermore, I can also tell which article and page you are on. All these bits of information is very important to me especially since I am always doing my best to provide you the best experience on my website.

In case you do not want to share some of your vital information with me, you can just turn off the cookies on your computer.

Revisions To The Privacy Policy

I will be revising, changing, and updating my privacy policy from time to time. You should always take some time to read this page so that you are updated each time you visit my website.

Our Agreement

Our agreement is very simple. As long as you are on my website, you agree to the Privacy Policy stated above.