What does a full-time mom do when she still has extra time in her hands? I babysit and I simply love it! After bringing my kids to school and running some errands, I found myself having some extra time to spare before the kids are back from school.

SallyPIt just so happens that my neighbors had a pressing need for someone to care for their little ones. I thought it was just a no-brainer that I can babysit for them since I had some experience babysitting as a way to earn some extra cash while I was in college. Why not baby sit again while I have some time, right?

Since I had always wanted to be a blogger, I thought writing about my expertise in the area of babysitting would be a perfect topic so … here I am. I really hope that you will find my insights and thoughts on babysitting a wise use of your time.

Have an awesome day yourself! 🙂

Sally Peterson