What A Real Mom Hates To See In A Babysitter’s Profile

babysitter-profileMoms are moms. They’re cute, endearing, and very real. Of course, there are those moms who try to exude their perfect life. If you had a half a brain, you’d know they’re all for show.

This mom is real. She goes by the name of Christina Antus and she’s one funny writer. The article she posted on this website can pretty much speak for all the crazy moms out there.

In her article, she lists down all the stuff she doesn’t want to see in a babysitter’s profile. To start off her list, she just freaks out when the babysitter claims to love baking and crafts. When in reality, all she gets in return are sticky Play-Doh and stickers posted all over her house and her baby’s face and hair.

As she goes on with her list, she gets totally irritated when the babysitter claims to love the outdoors and promises to cook healthy meals for the kids. She definitely doesn’t fall for any those promises.

She gets even funnier as the babysitter claims to love kids. To that she says it easy to love kids when it’s only you’re only with them for 4 to 9 hours a day. She just goes on with her thoughts on the claims and promises she reads on a babysitter’s profile. if you’re a mom like her, you can pretty much relate to her humor and wit.

Enough of The Promises

Real moms, like Christina, have had enough of promises. The last thing they need to see in a babysitter’s profiles are empty promises.

No one can ever fool a mom. Moms, like you, can see right through all the empty promises.

That’s the reason why moms nowadays prefer to go online to hire a babysitter. They sign up with online childcare service providers so that they deal with experienced babysitters.

As a mom, you hate wasting time. Your time is too precious to waste on someone who’s just pulling your leg. You want to get straight to the point. So when you’re hiring a babysitter, you just don’t want t deal with people whom you know have nothing to offer.

If you look for a babysitter online, you can be spared from wasting a lot of your time. By posting a job online, you can go straight to the point by including all the details you are looking for in a babysitter.

A good example of one online childcare service that encourages parents to include all the specific details in their job post is Sittercity. When you post a job on Sittercity, you are encouraged to include all the details of the job. Every little thing that a babysitter should know and do should be included in the job post.

This is the best way to get with the kind of babysitter you are looking for. At the same time, it’s also the best way to avoid dealing with others whom you’re just not interested in.

Of course, there will always be babysitters who will promise heaven and earth. You’ll get enough of that online as well.

However, real moms deal with that by reading all the reviews. This is why real moms opt to hire a babysitter from web-based childcare service provider like Sittercity. They can easily check on the babysitters by reading the reviews and running background checks.

These are just a couple of ways real moms deal with all the promises of a babysitter.

Real Moms Appreciate Real Babysitters

Real moms appreciate real babysitters. Real babysitters have the expertise to back them up. They’re not just a bunch of women looking to earn a couple of bucks.

These are folks who love what they do. They have undergone training and certification to be reliable caregiver to your kids. Real babysitters are equipped with the right tools to be able to watch and to protect your kids. Suffice it to say, they are not the tweeners who claim to love kids.

You can only find the real babysitters online. They’re the ones who sign up with likes of Sittercity. They, themselves, want to connect to parents who are serious about finding the right childcare.

Real Babysitters don’t make empty promises. With their expertise and background, they are expected to deliver. They don’t need to advertise their claims because their experience speaks for itself.

As a real mom, you just need to keep on collaborating with the babysitter so that your kids will be more comfortable in the process. Real moms don’t leave everything to the babysitter and a real babysitter knows that as well.

A real babysitter will give regular updates and feedback. She will work with you so that everything is transparent. This is the one trait that a real babysitter will never advertise in her profile because it’s a given.

The profile of a babysitter is not enough to gauge the expertise of an applicant. A real mom looks beyond the profile to see if the applicant is a real babysitter.

You Just Can’t Do Without A Babysitter Nowadays

babysitters-and-child-careIt’s quite hard to believe this but sad to say, it’s happening. Parents have been forgetting their little one in the car. How could they do that?

If you have been listening to the news lately or maybe reading your news feed on your social media account, you have probably noticed how many times it has happened.

One of the latest incidents was dated July 30, 2015. According to nj.com, an officer smashed the window of a van to rescue a little child who was left inside. The little child was sweating profusely and was crying.

You think to yourself, how could this happen? Unfortunately, it has been happening. Now don’t to be quick to judge the parents because according to allparenting.com, a parent doesn’t have to be a bad to leave a little child in the car. In other words, it can happen to anybody.

It’s interesting to note that this particular incident can be traced back to the 1990s. It was then when safety experts discovered that the back seat was a safer place for the little child. Although this does not make it a valid excuse to leave any little kid in the car, it kind of makes sense how parents end up forgetting.

Parents Need All The Help They Can Get

Parents with little kids are usually tired and exhausted. They’d be lucky enough to get enough sleep.

There’s just no doubt that parents need all the help they can get. Even if one of the parents chooses to stay home, it can still get very exhausting and tiring. Staying home with the little kid and managing the home is just as crazy as being in the workplace.

To avoid any kind of accidents, parents need all the help they can get. They need someone to back them up. A stay-home mom or dad can get very tired from running the errands and dong the chores. That’s not even half of what has to be done every single day.

There are some parents who are lucky enough to have family members who live nearby. Family members are great backups but not everybody gets to live near their mom and dad.

On the other hand, asking help from family members might just spark some kind of friction. Hence, it’s safer for parents to seek help from professional babysitters. This way, parents can establish the guidelines without getting into some kind of debate with grandma, grandpa, or even an aunt. Hiring a babysitter is the most professional way to get the kind of help you need.

Finding A Reliable Babysitter

Finding a babysitter is challenging enough. Hence, finding one who is reliable sounds too impossible. However, it’s not.

There are now a handful of online childcare service providers you can sign up with. These are credible websites with a reliable network of sitters and nannies. Out of a handful of credible childcare service provider websites, you just need to choose the one that you feel most comfortable in.

You just cannot settle for the first online childcare service provider you have heard or read about. You have to do some digging and find out more about these online childcare service providers.

Once you have found the right online childcare service provider, then move on to find yourself a reliable babysitter. A credible online childcare service provider connects you to a list of professional sitters and nannies. You just have to dig in deeper to see who fits your mold perfectly.

A reliable babysitter is not just someone who will fill in your absence. These days when parents are just too tired and exhausted, hiring a babysitter is the best way to have some kind of backup checks.

A babysitter can tag along with you in case you have to do some grocery. A babysitter can remind you of other things you’re most likely to forget. Even if you have checked everything, you should rely on a babysitter to do a counter check, just to be sure.

To be able to do all that, you need a reliable babysitter whom you can really trust. That’s just how important it is to hire a reliable babysitter nowadays.

Coordinating And Collaborating With A Babysitter

Here’s another tragic incident of a loving mom who had forgotten her child in the car.

According to parents.com, a working mom, who was supposed to drop off her little child at the babysitter’s house, ended up at work instead.

Unfortunately, she had totally forgotten to drop her little child off at the babysitter’s house. Since her baby feel asleep at the back of the car, she ended up driving to her office instead.

To make matters worse, her bag was at the front seat so she totally didn’t bother to look behind. Unfortunately, this is a more tragic story than the one previously mentioned above because the little kid didn’t survive the heat in the car.

What’s this got to do with a babysitter? A lot! A reliable babysitter would be in constant communication and collaboration with either one of the parents. If the kid is to be dropped off, the babysitter should initiate the communication. More so, if the kid never shows up at all.

No parent can do without help these days. The best help any parent can get is from a babysitter. However, babysitters should do more than just watch the kids. Nowadays, they should have better judgment and professional skills to really help the parents survive the insanity of parenthood.

Do This To Find A Reliable Babysitter

how-to-find-reliable-babysitterParents do all sort of things to find a babysitter. Some post a job online or on their social network account. Some take the risk of posting on Craigslist. While some just call up a neighbor to ask for help. To make it even worse, some parents don’t even bother to get to know the babysitter. Anyone who comes along is hired.

You can’t really blame some parents for doing all that. After all, it’s not easy finding a babysitter. First of all, parents don’t know where to look for a babysitter. Second, they don’t have the time to look for a babysitter. Hence, they settle for the first babysitter that comes along, regardless where she’s from.

Unfortunately, some parents don’t even bother to go out of their way to get to know the babysitter. It’s bad enough to search and to hire randomly; it’s even worse not to get to know the babysitter? How can any parent trust someone they hardly even know?

Parents shouldn’t be hiring babysitters that way. You shouldn’t be doing that as well. While it’s really hard to find a babysitter, there’s a way for you to do it. First of all, there’s that one thing you should do.

What Is That One Thing?

There are really a lot ways to find a babysitter. With the onset of the internet, you can easily post online. However, that can be very dangerous. There are a lot of predators online. You’d want to stay away from them, right?

This is not to say that you shouldn’t go online to find a babysitter. Actually you should. The one thing you should actually do when you want to find a reliable babysitter is to sign up online.

Yes, you read right. To be able to hire a reliable babysitter, you should sign up for a childcare service provider online.

Signing up for a childcare service provider online is a lot different from just posting on Craigslist or on your social network account. To start with, it’s a lot safer. When you post on Craigslist, you literally go public. That exposes you to all the possible dangers like meeting a crazy nut or being scammed online.

Some thieves will pretend to be interested in you. They will contact you and ask for information. In your desperation to find a babysitter, you might just end up divulging too much information. That could put you and your family in a very dangerous situation. How sure are you that the person you’re talking to is really interested in the job post? For all you know that person is just phishing for information. In this day and age, you shouldn’t just divulge any kind of information to a mere stranger.

It’s the same with posting a job on your social network account. You can’t be too sure of the people viewing your profile. You have to be very careful. Online social networks are supposed to connect you to anybody and everybody. That anybody and. everybody could be a predator.

So how can a childcare service provider be any safer? A childcare service provider online connects you only to qualified babysitters. It doesn’t connect to anybody else but babysitters. That’s exactly the purpose of a childcare service provider online.

Signing up with a childcare service provider is the one thing you should do if you really want to find a reliable babysitter. This is the proper venue for you to find someone you can trust and welcome to your home.

Make Use Of Other Services Offered

Online childcare service providers offer services that you can really make use of. One good example of such services is the background check.

Even if these online childcare service providers are able connect you to professional babysitters, they still want to play it safe. Hence, they offer background checks where you can actually get in depth information about the babysitter.

This is a service that you really have to maximize. Even if online childcare service providers can streamline your search for a babysitter, you just need to run some background checks just to be sure.

Another good example of such service is the availability of the reviews posted by parents. If you sign up, you have access to all the reviews of the babysitters. These reviews, written and posted by parents, can help you decide if the babysitter is right for you. You can’t get these kind of unbiased reviews if you publicly post a babysitting job.

The search for a babysitter not only becomes a lot easier with online childcare service providers. It also becomes a lot safer. There are lesser chances of meeting a thief. Although you still have to be careful and that’s why you should make use of the services they offer.

Now it’s clear why signing up for a childcare service provider online is the one thing you need to do if you really want to find a reliable babysitter.